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Episodes 1 & 2: COVID Pandemic

This is the premier episode of Nodycast, the podcast on nonlinear dynamics and has been split into two parts. In these episodes (Parts 1 and 2) we discuss nonlinear modeling and dynamic analysis of pandemics, in particular, COVID-19. We have an expert panel: Dr. Gergely Rost (University of Szeged, Hungary), Dr. Bala Balachandran (University of Maryland), Dr. J. Tenreiro Machado (University of Porto, Portugal) and Dr. C. Nataraj (Villanova University, USA). We discuss compartment vs. agent-based models, parametric vs. data-based models, seasonality, predictability, control techniques, effect of social behavior, government action, etc. Also discussed are the issues about the available data and possible research in the future.